Wind, Waves, Wondrous

Deck and bottom of a surf kite board

Surf like no other. Radical turns, bigger spray, show is served.

Desiged for the perfect combination of stability and manoeuvrability
to join you in your journey from following your line on the wave
to throwing rad turns and aerials.

Board profile

Medium Waves
Big Waves

Key features

Hand-made in BCN

Carbon & Innegra reinforced

High density EPS core


Bio-based epoxy resin

Futures fins mount

Feel the freedom on the wave.

Fast, agile, and reliable

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Board construction, layers description
strapless kite board design

Size chart

Size Volume
5’3” 17 1/4” 1 15/16” 19 l
5’5” 17 13/16” 2” 21 l
5’7” 18 3/8” 2 1/16” 23 l
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