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Casa Halley
Where all the magic

Casa Halley

Technology and tradition work toghether to create our amazing boards.

We believe that quality doesn’t hide.

Our boards are designed and manufactured in our workshop in Barcelona, taking care of every detail to achieve a product that makes you feel incredible in the water.

We want to bare it all and show what is behind each board.

Casa Halley

Things whe’re obsessed with.

Our products play a crucial role in your performance during sessions.

We understand your needs in the water to helo you bare your style. We create original products with high technology and care to achieve resistant, light, high-performance and durable products.


Bare performance

At Casa Halley, we are excited to redefine your experience in the water. Each design is the result of our dedication to offering you an unparalleled experience during your sessions.

To achieve the perfect board, it all starts in the design process, shaping each model, then our riders challenge them on the water under different conditions and styles to ensure that our products not only look amazing but offer unparalleled functionality.


Bare distribution

Direct from shaper to rider, simple, without intermediaries. This allows us to offer lower prices at better quality and better customer service.

  • Technology

    Bare Technology

    We source only the finest materials.

  • Technology

    Bare Technology

    CNC machined high-density foam.

  • Technology

    Bare Technology

    Vacuum laminated to reduce weight and improve strength.

    Logo Halley Kiteboarding

    Bare your style,
    Bare Halley.

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