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General Questions

What happens if I buy a product that shows “on demand”?

On-demand means that the product is not currently in stock and that will be expressely made and shipped to you within 14 days.

What is the return policy?

When you receive your gear you’ll be excited and can’t wait to try it. But if, unfortunately, you don’t feel convinced, you can return the product within 15 days. The product must be in perfect conditions and never touched the water.

What should I do if my package arrives damaged?

We have you covered. Get in touch with us, explain your issue and we’ll make sure you receive your new product in perfect conditions ASAP.

Technical Questions

Why is every board unique?

All our boards are hand-made in our workshop. This is why your board will have a unique resin tint pattern and may differ from the photos.

How should I take care of my board?

We encourage you to perform at your best in the water, our boards are designed for high-performance. To lengthen the life of your board we recomend:

  • Do not leave the board exposed to direct sun for hours.
  • Handle with care, avoid stacking the board with other products, hits during transport, dragging the board through the sand or hitting rocks.
  • Use a board bag.
  • Rinse the board with freshwater and let dry in a cool, shady place before storing it after your sessions.
  • Do not expose the board to extreme temperatures, you should not leave the board inside the car on a summer sunny day.
  • Make a professional repair any ding before putting the board inside the water.

We disencourage all the actions that would be considered misuse of our gear.

Service Questions

What does the After Sale Service offer?

We offer free ding repairs of your halley board in CASA HALLEY during the warranty time. Get in touch with us to use this service.

What is our product warranty policy?

Our products have a XXX year warranty. Conditions apply, read the full warranty policy.

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