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Daniel Requeno Corbin - Co-founder and waterman

Since a kiddo Dani has always been naturally driven to action sports.

His passion for kitesurfing together with his need to create something from scratch is what ignited the first spark of this project.

His mechanical engineering formation and profession gave him the knowledge and tools to bring this first spark to a real, tangible project that has become Halley.

CEO Halley Kiteboarding

Júlia Esteve Grau - Co-founder

Julia has always asked a lot of questions. The curiosity about the world that surrounds her brought her to study chemical engineering to have a better understanding of how thing work at a molecular level.

Later she specialised in materials science and engineering. At the same time, Dani was starting to build his first strapless board and came to her for help, when she asked:

Why don’t we create a kiteboarding brand?

Things we’re obsessed with

kiteboards manufacturer


Making products that are top performers and feel incredible in the water is our main obsession.

To accomplish this the iterative process of designing and testing is imperative.

As water-people we acknowledge the rider’s wants and needs and we do our research to find the technology and manufacturing methods to make products that make you a better rider.


We source the best materials to make our boards lighter, stronger, more durable.

Every material, every fibre layer is in place for a purpose.

Always in the search viable ways to apply cutting edge technology to improve our products.

hand made strapless board
Hand made strapless kiteboarding

Shaper to rider

Directly from our workshop to you, simple, no third parties.

This allows us to offer lower prices for better quality and better customer service.


We take this topic seriously. We’re aware of the challenges this industry is facing. This is what we do:

– We proudly manufacture all our products 100% in our
own workshop in SPAIN.

Substitute petroleum-based materials for bio-based and recycled ones. We’re currently using certificate bio-epoxy resin and finding substitutes for the other materials.

Source local suppliers to reduce transport and contribute
to local economy.

No over-production, less waste of resources

kiteboards manufacturer

There’s something missing… How we do it?

Casa halley is where all the magic happens.

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